I'm a Reader....But am I Reading Enough?

I'm a reader.  I read everyday, as much as possible.  And still I don't feel like I am reading enough.

I read to grow professionally...
...books for my training, Twitter, writing by my favorite teacher bloggers, books by my favorite educational writers.

Art of Changing the Brain- Connects brain research and learning, read for our Comprehensive Literacy training.
Nurturing Independent Learners- Great read on scaffolding theory, another read from our CLM training.
Pernille Ripp's fantastic blog.
I can't wait to read Kelly Gallagher's newest book!
My Twitter feed is always full of fantastic thinking and resources.

I (try) read for pleasure...
...books for my book club, the latest recommendations from friends, and my ever growing Good Reads To Read list.

Just finished Me Before You and The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry for book club.
The Girl on the Train is up next for book club.
My Good Reads To Read list grows much more rapidly than my Read list!

I want to also be an avid reader of the books the students in the classrooms I work with are reading.  I work in classrooms kindergarten through 8th grade and I want to be that person who has the perfect book for every reader I talk to.  I try to stay on top of Nerdy Book Club posts and follow #TitleTalk and @MrSchuReads.

Just a sampling of the wonderful children's books I've read lately or am hoping to read soon!

I have more books waiting to be read than I have time to read.  I'd love to curl up for a week straight and lose myself in the adventures tucked into these texts.

How do you balance your professional growth reading, your reading for pleasure, and your reading for students?


  1. I feel exactly the same way! Of course, also add into that blog posts and twitter feeds and we might as well not even think about sleeping! When summer comes, it's almost as if I have to make a schedule for reading all that I want to get read.

  2. I have lists and lists to read, overspend at bookstores, read every chance I get, and don't regret any of it. Sometimes I do overwhelm myself, but I know that will pass.

  3. I haven't been able to balance my reading. I tend to read in chunks. A few prof books, then for book club (usually right before we're meeting), then children's chapter books, then picture books. Repeat over and over. I have had to accept the sad truth that I will never be able to read everything that I want to.

  4. It's really tough. I read more for my elementary students than anything else, but I do try to throw a professional book in here and there and even some adult fiction. My kidlit dominates though.

  5. I love the way that you set up this post and this celebration of reading. I can relate to the three different types you highlight as that is what I have focused on as well. I can't wait to read Kelly Gallagher's book either.


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