Serendipitous Sunshine

Days like today I suspect I'm part plant.  
I could have stood in the sunshine all day long.
Letting it soak into my soul.
My mood automatically lifted, 
My smile wider, 
The promise of spring 
Breathing life back into 
the gray neighborhood.

Windows down

 Sunroof open

Patio is almost snow free

Kitchen windows open
(and in desperate need of washing)

Sunshine and sunglasses

Walking to the grocery store, instead of driving

A few plants trying to believe it is spring as well, 
Already showing their green

Evening walks with friends


Small things, 
Taken for granted 
Not that long ago, 
Now feel 


  1. This is exactly how I feel about the sunshine! May we never take it for granted!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the pictures, too - they make this Slice seem more like a photo essay than a poem! Serendipitous. Great, great word.

  3. I loved this blend of text and pictures. I especially loved the picture with the sun on your sunglasses. Enjoy this weather! This is my favorite time of the year - warm enough to be outside and enjoy fresh air while not being too hot.


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