Random Monday Thoughts

Today was such a busy day.  I don't think I have the capacity for cohesion right now.  A bunch of random thoughts seems to be all I can manage right now.

  • I went to a conference today about speaking and listening.  There was a lot of great information and conversation around teaching speaking and listening to support critical literacy.  The conference was two hours away, which made for a lot of driving.
  • I had night class tonight so I had to leave the conference a little early, hurry back to work, and race up to my office to log in for my night class.  Luckily I made it in time.
  • I have so much reading to this week!  Reading that I have to do for school, reading that I want to do for work, and reading that I want to do for pleasure.  There isn't enough time in the day!
  • I held off on listening to the podcast Serial when everyone was listening to it.  A few weeks ago I started listening to it while on the treadmill at the gym.  I got sucked in right away...only a few months behind on the obsession!  I really liked listening to podcasts at the gym...now I'm in search of the next one to entertain me.
  • It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  Sunshine and warmth!  Hope that spring is around the corner!
  • It's one of those days where so much has happened it is hard to believe it is only Monday!
Fingers crossed for cohesion and creativity for my slice tomorrow!


  1. It was a beautiful day here too. My favorite kind of weather - comfortable enough to be outside and enjoy the yard as a family without it being too hot. It also wasn't windy. I am glad that you had a chance to go to a conference. Last week held a couple of trainings/conferences for me.

  2. I also really loved listening to Serial. I haven't been able to fins anything I like as much, but I will certainly keep looking.


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