Lucky Me, Working on a Saturday

Lucky me, I had to work today.  On a Saturday.  I worked last Saturday too.  Not exactly my most favorite way to spend a weekend. Especially a weekend like today when the sun came out and the temperature climbed above 40 degrees for the first time in a LONG TIME.

I AM lucky though.  Today and last week Saturday, I got to spend my days creating curriculum, building continuums, developing enduring understandings, and puzzling around the ideal essential questions.  I got to engage in these projects with a group of talented and deep thinking teachers and literacy coaches, spanning from kindergarten through seventh grade.  It was incredibly powerful to have elementary teachers and middle school teachers side by side for this big work.  

To illustrate the way that learning builds and grows year after year, we looked at the development of one standard from kindergarten through seventh grade.  The oohs and ahhs that filled the room as each piece was reveled would only happen in a room full of teachers.  It was inspiring for the first grade teacher see just how the learning her students do with her will grow and evolve long after they leave her.  It was powerful for the middle school teachers to see the how the learning had grown and developed before the students came into their classrooms.

The power of collaboration.  So many revelations and epiphanies. So much to learn from one another...all on a Saturday morning.  Lucky me.


  1. Teachers are so dedicated. I always enjoy this type of work though. It's interesting to have the opportunity to talk with other teachers, to collaborate toward a common goal, and to think about the way one piece builds upon another. Hopefully tomorrow you'll be rewarded with more sunshine.


  2. I am glad that you were able to take part in this. It can be energizing to spend time together with other educators, to notice how everything is coming together. I love that you included a picture to show this visual glimpse across grade levels.


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