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Tonight, I hosted my first book club.  For one of my classes, I had to facilitate a book club for adults around a young adult book.  I chose the book Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson, recruited my literacy team, straightened up my kitchen and living room, and bought some wine.
My literacy team is a group of six other women that coach in our elementary and middle schools.  We are participating in intense and amazing literacy training this year.  I have been amazed as I reflect on the collaborative team we have become.  We are able to process our learning, push on one another's thinking, disagree, and question each other.  We also laugh.  A lot.  Becoming a collaborative team was pretty effortless for this group.  

This afternoon, as their laughter bounced off the walls of my kitchen, I was reminded of how amazing they all are. So kind and genuine, witty and hilarious. So dedicated to learning, teaching, and making life better for all of the students and teachers who learn in their buildings.  
When we moved into my living room to begin our conversation, I was reminded of how insightful they are. Such strong women, all in different places in their lives, constantly contributing to our collective wisdom (inside and outside of school!). Their days and weeks are overflowing and still they made time to be in my book club.  That's the kind of people they are.

Presenting at the WI State Reading Convention
Ready for book club!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Our language arts team also read a book together (though without the wine!), and it was a wonderful experience. As teachers, I think we sometimes forget how valuable reading for pleasure can actually be because of all the demands placed on in the day-to-day of teaching. I haven't read Brown Girl Dreaming yet, but it is on my list. :)

  2. Your blog is visually beautiful and such an inspiration. I love YA literature - I think it is some of the best writing being published. I heard Jaqueline Woodson last summer at the TCRWP Reading Institute. When she was reading her own work, there was so much emotion in the room. Thanks for your post!

  3. What a gift to be surrounded with smart and insightful colleagues! LOVE Brown Girl Dreaming. Such a great book!

  4. I am glad that you loved the experience so much. One of my colleagues had a New Year's Resolution some years back to start an adult book club and we kept it going for a few years. Right when I was moving away and thinking about how much I was going to miss the group, they shortly after ended up not continuing. I looked forward to it each month though.


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