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Slice of Life Day 31! I made it!

Things I've learned over 31 days of Slicing: It's hard to come up with blogs for 31 straight doesn't need to beas hard as you make it (or as I made it!)Inspiration is everywhere- the big and tiny moments of your day, the random thoughts swirling in your mind, in the other amazing Slices.There is no such thing as not enough time to write. That has always been my excuse up until this point, and I just made it through 31 days of working, planning a wedding, various levels of stress and busyness, and I still managed to Slice every single day.A writers notebook is very helpful in this process to capture ideas and inspiration in the moment.Said notebook is most helpful if you actually remember to carry it with you.Tell the people around you that you are Slicing, they are full of encouragement and will help you notice things to Slice about.It’s scary to put your writing out into the world.It’s also affirming to put your writing out into the world.When you know you are…

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