Slice of Life 1: Hope


The bigger the challenge, the more hopeful you are supposed to be, right?

Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us, "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

I think the correlation between challenge and hope should be more automatic. It should not feel like you have to work so hard to hold on to hope.

I hope for all sorts of things:

  • I hope I complete this year's Slice of Life (second time's a charm, right?).
  • I hope the snow is done until next year and the sun is ready to shine daily.
  • I hope I finish my book this weekend.
  • I hope it doesn't rain on my wedding day in May.
  • I hope I make the right decisions in the upcoming weeks. 
  • I hope I can sleep tonight.
  • I hope we can slow down and understand the root causes of the issues in our world, instead of just reacting in ways that don't make sense.

Big hopes and smaller hopes.

Meaningful hopes and meaningless.

Hopes with larger impacts than others.

Some hopes that seem impossible.

Where do we look for hope when the correlation between challenge and hope is not automatically happening within ourselves?

Hope lives in support, friendship and love.


  1. I hope with you :) Good luck on this SOL writing adventure!! I'm late to the party as usual...but hopeful!


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