Slice of Life 20: Flower Girls

Yesterday I got this text from the mom of my flower girls:
Excitedly, I made plans to stop by after dinner. When I walked in, the house was buzzing with activity. "Em!" yelled F, as she ran around the corner and took a flying leap into my arms.

"Mm!" grunted baby V, looking up at me from the floor, proud of herself for learning to say my name.

"Em! Look at me!" shouted C as she glided across the living room on roller skates.

"C! F! Let's put on the flower girl dresses for Em. She wants to see what you'll look like at her wedding," said their mom.

"Okay!" responded F excitedly, "We are going to be soooo beautiful!" as she skipped into her bedroom.

It's been almost a year since we asked C and F to be our flower girls and were met with similar enthusiasm. F is three and the night we asked her she ran into her room, put on her Easter dress and said, "Won't this just be perfect?!" I didn't have the heart to tell her that her little body would grow over the next year. She slept in her Easter dress that night and wore it to day care the next day where she announced to everyone that she was wearing the dress because, "I am in Em's wedding tonight!" Watching the 4th of July parade, F called me over to show me the white patent leather shoes she was wearing. "I'm wearing these shoes to practice for your wedding, Em!" Needless to say, it's been a long year of waiting for the actual wedding for F.

Her sister C is 7 and plays it a little cooler with her excitement. But she told me the other day that F is definitely ready to walk down the aisle because she's been having her practice. And that she would prefer to throw flower petals rather than carry a bouquet. So I know she's excited in her own way.

I've been close to these girls since they were born and close to their parents even longer. Seeing them in their lacy dresses with a big navy flower in their hair and the excitement on their faces (and roller skates still on C's feet) made me even more excited for the wedding and to have them part of our special day.

As I was leaving, F called after me, "Em! The girl in that picture had cowboy boots with this dress. I'm not wearing those. I'm wearing heels or I'm not coming!"

Don't worry F, I wasn't planning on cowboy boots either.


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