My Own Genius Hour

Those who work with me or know me well might find this hard to believe, but there are things that I want to do and learn about outside of the realm of education.  Shocking, I know.

While visiting a classroom this week I saw an anchor chart for their Genius Hour and I was inspired to pursue Genius Hour inquiries in my own life.  I have many things that I say I will do when I have more time.  Guess what?  More time is not coming.  I have to intentionally create that space for myself.  

My Genius Hour Possibilities

Learn Calligraphy
(I got this amazing kit about a year ago when I first decided I was going to lean calligraphy....I've yet to really dig in... )

Design/build/create a backyard patio area
I have a backyard patio with a table and chairs.  I imagine a fun place to entertain, hang out, and relax.  I see fancy DIY things on Pinterest and I pin a bunch of things that I'll build someday.  I'd like to take time before this summer to create this space.

Art Journaling

(A year and a half ago my wonderful friend Courtney taught me how to knit.  I even made this dishcloth and an infinity scarf.  Then I fell off the knitting bandwagon.  Yesterday she told me she had read my blog about my 30 day challenges and thinks April should be dedicated to knitting again).

I'm hoping that giving that space in my life an official name like Genius Hour, challenging a few friends to do it with me, and blogging about it will make it magically happen.  There is only one rule-  it cannot be a school-related project or inquiry.  I'll keep you posted on my progress!


  1. Good luck with your Genius Hour. This is so important, and I agree with you that with a career in education there is always more that can be done, so unless you intentionally make time for yourself, it might not happen. You might enjoy Big Picture Classes: Your art journaling idea on the list made me think that. I look forward to seeing future post(s) about this.


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